Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not Bad for a Guestimate

I ran around Ellettsville, IN yesterday looking for a scrap piece of exhaust pipe that was 2" OD and 13 gauge. It was suggested that I check Extreme Performance. I went there and they didn't have anything I could use. They said I should check an auto parts store for exhaust extensions. I checked Napa a few doors down; nothing I could use. I ask where the nearest muffler shop was and the gentlemen there suggested Stop & Go downtown Ellettsville. They ended up having exactly what I needed and they just gave me a piece.

Then I headed toward Spenser, IN to OJ's Custom Welding where he hooked it up welding a 2" section of the pipe I acquired from Stop & Go into the part of the exhaust that exits the rear head. That 2 inches gave the clearance I needed to run the rear pipe without butting against the rear frame rail.

Scratch off pipes from the list.

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