Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chopper Headz Greasy Dice

I love these magazines.

Chopper Journal is, without a doubt, one of my favorite new publications. TONS of sweet iron in this rag.

Issue #07 of Cycle Headz has an awesome display of, what they call, the Molding & Long Fork Revival.

Issue #23 of GKM has an inspiring article on Bill Ray, a photographer that hung out with the San Berdoo chapter of the Hells Angels for a month. He self-published his own book of the photos he took during that four weeks titled "Hells Angels of San Berdoo '65: Inside the Mother Charter."

Issue #40 of DicE continues its exposé of the White Knights in the House of Kolor, which strangely enough looks like they made their blog 'invite-only.' WTF?

Quit buying weed with your milk money and buy some of these shitter books.

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