Friday, June 17, 2011

Learning About Springers

I've been sweatin' the front axle situation for this springer for a second. I found it strange that one rocker's axle hole measured 13/16" ID and the other side measured 11/16". I figured I'd need a stepped axle but which one? Every douche bag on eBay I asked questions wouldn't reply. Catalogs usually only supply model years and such. Jaren (the guy who sold me the springer) said he planned on running a 3/4" axle if he were to use it with a spool wheel. Luckily I found a friend with a 21" rim laced to an original star hub so how about using a stock knucklehead axle since the springer is an OEM offset. I consulted CRO with the idea and he agreed and sure enough it worked out. I wanted to talk to someone before spending a hundo on an axle.

Threw the new Speed Master on the wheel too. Lookin' slick.

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